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Don't drink and drive. That's stupid. Also, don't tweet out that you're going to "see how many shots of tequila get me twisted" before you hop in a car, lest you should end up in a tree facing a drunk-driving rap and talking incessantly about tequila to the arresting cops. More »
The Basics: The 2012 Smart Fortwo two-seater is still rare enough on American roads to be a novelty--and a toylike one at that. Don't let that put you off too much; it's a real car—competent in the city, and actually fun to drive in urban traffic. But it's definitely a car with a lot of tradeoffs, and after understanding them, many shoppers...

Don't be fooled by the cute heart stickers on the side of this jet black Lexus IS300. It's clearly a beast from below. Look at how it turns tire smoke into flames. More »
The Basics: Don't look to hard for visual differences between the 2012 Infiniti G25 and the mightier G37 Sedans, because there aren't any significant ones on the outside. However under the hood there's a 2.5-liter V-6, making 218 horsepower--a 110-hp deficit versus the G37. While that might set off warning bells that the G25 is underpowered (by...

Angus Mackenzie's long-haired reign as Editor-in-Chief of the buffest of buff books, Motor Trend, is finally over, according to many social media postsings. In his place is former MT Executive Editor and Sport Compact Car EIC Ed Loh. Haven't figured out what distinguishing character of Loh we'll make fun of repeatedly... yet. Don't worry, Angus will be still be around, as Editor-at-Large and Chief Content Officer for Source Interlink. Wait, was giving the Passat COTY his last official act as EIC? Way to take one for the team, Angus! More »
Don't adjust your screen. That is a 2003 Infiniti FX35 splashing through mud on Saline Valley Road, the 78-mile dirt route into Death Valley, "the most desolate wilderness in North America." It's what we did, without dying, last weekend. Here's how. More »
An Audi R8 looks like a spaceship when you see it on the street. Drive up in a silver Audi R8 and people will gawk in a way they never would at a bright yellow Supra. Also, drive it. Don't just leave it parked there! More »
NASCAR's latest shindig at Talladega Superspeedway turned out to be as big of a political circus as the one in Washington these days. Don't blame NASCAR officials for the latest mess in restrictor-plate racing. Point the finger at the drivers, team owners and car manufacturers this time.
Spoiler alert: If you don't want to see how last weekend's Petit Le Mans turned out in all of its madcap, high-speed glory, look away! Don't even go near a car blog! We suggest you turn off the computer and take up knitting. More »
Darn them Brazilians, always crashing into things with their reckless driving! And those pesky Japanese, what with their radioactive food. Don't blame Danica Patrick for fearing the world, blame the world for being so scary. More »