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These Bros decided to take a Ferrari California on a test drive in Maranello back in May, because Bro, Ferrari, Bro. Unfortunately, just because you can drive a Ferrari, doesn't mean you know how to drive a Ferrari. Now watch them promptly throw it into a wall.


This Rare Ferrari Sold For $18.5 Million At Auction

The Goodwood Festival of Speed brings together some of the best vintage and modern cars for both the track and the street. Also, not to be missed at Goodwood is an auction that gives well-heeled buyers an opportunity to bid on super-rare and ridiculously expensive masterpieces like this Ferrari that went for $18M.


Every Driver's Nightmare: Ferrari Crashes Off Road In LA Canyons

Both driver and passenger survived when this Ferrari 360 cut off the road above LA and rolled down the steep embankment.

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The $4.2 Million One-Off Ferrari F12 TRS Is Live In The Wild

The 4.2 million one-off F12 roadster, the F12 TRS , is fully out in the open and tearing across Italy. Finally.

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​Ferrari Intel Motherlode Includes LaFerrari Spider And FXX

Automobile's Georg Kacher just dropped a ton of information on the future of Ferrari, and that includes both turbocharged V6 and V8 versions of the 458, a fire breathing F12 replacement, and a drop-top LaFerrari. So let's grab a shovel and get dug into the speculation salt mine.


​Is Ferrari Going To Leave Formula 1?

Luca di Montezemolo is pissed. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Neil in Maranello, Ferrari’s head honcho didn’t mince words. "Formula One isn’t working," he says. And that could mean ditching F1 for endurance racing, which lines up nicely with tomorrow’s announcement at Le Mans .

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Ferrari Might Announce Their Return To Le Mans Prototypes This Weekend

The LMP1 class at Le Mans has seen a huge resurgence with Porsche , Toyota , and Audi competing. Nissan is joining them in 2015 . And if reports are to be believed, a prancing horse might join the fray in the near future. Helllllllz yeah.


Here's What That Weird Ferrari Release Was Actually Trying To Say

Yesterday we saw an incredibly odd press release from Ferrari, ostensibly having to do with the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix. It referred to the "penetration" of Gilles Villeneueve, the "dribble" of Jean Alesi, and also a possible shapeshifter. It turns out that that press release just might have been auto-translated.


The Ferrari 458 Will Reportedly Get Twin-Turbo Power For 2015

Turbocharging! All the cool kids are doing it, even Ferrari. (This is part of some kind of trend , I think.) According to numerous reports, the Ferrari 458 Italia is next horse from Maranello to get turbocharged power.


There's A Ferrari FF At Apple's WWDC – What Does It Mean?

Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference is kicking off in San Francisco this morning, and they've parked a matte silver Ferrari FF on the floor of the Moscone Center. But why?