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Ain't no fruit sweeter than a forbidden one. Just ask Eve. Fans in the United States get a plethora of BMW 1 Sseries products, including a convertible and the delightful 1M Coupe. They should be content, but then BMW drops this. It's the BMW M135i three-door hatch concept and the yearning begins yet again. Damn you, BMW! More »
Under the hood of the X5 M is a 555-horsepower twin-turbo V-8 with a deep baritone exhaust note; a churning, accessible torque curve; and an automatic transmission that's without hesitation. It gives the X5 M a character that, oddly enough, given the taller seating position, feels part muscle car, part exotic. Handling, too, defies this vehicle's...

When it was introduced at the Paris Auto Show in 1978 the BMW M1 was the first mid-engine vehicle BMW had ever built. 33 years later, the low production M1 is the only mid-engine vehicle the company has ever built. One of the rare M1s is currently listed on Ebay, but the entry price to malaise era Bavarian super car ownership is not for the faint of heart or the shallow of pockets. More »
The BMW M3 GTS is the ultimate street-legal M3, offering up a 450-hp 4.4-liter V8 and every bit of M-goodness in the shop. Now Car's snagged some photos of the M3 Saloon Concept, which might bring the same oomph to the sedan, but probably won't. More »
The Ferrari FF might be bringing sexy shooting brakes back, but the BMW M Coupe "Clownshoe" is the original gangster. Photo: Alex Bernstein More »
Spotted at the BMW Museum, these five cars span a good portion of the company's race history. While it's easy to see a family resemblance, every car has its own unique features. We'll take one of each. (Photo Credit: Motoyen) More »
If you want a BMW 1M, hopefully you don't want both nav and bluetooth. [Bimmerfile] More »
Denislav Shishev's an 18-year-old Bulgarian who probably does more before breakfast that you do all week. In 2009 he took a wrecked BMW M Coupe and put in a 530-hp BMW V10. Now he races it professionally. More »
BMW's M-anaging director Dr. Kay Segler has confirmed the mysterious 1-Series testers we've seeing are indeed testers for a new M-division product. But, it won't wear the M1 moniker. No matter — lighter and faster, please. [ (translated) via Pistonheads] More »