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Review: /Drive on NBCSports

Unless you're living under a rock around here, you probably know that the guys from /Drive have moved from YouTube to the big time, well at least to a 3rd tier cable network. But don't take my cynicism as criticism. Lamentations of American programming for enthusiasts are unfortunately in abundance around these parts. Somewhere there was an NBC producer who saw the value of the excellent writing and production values of most of /Drive's work and decided to take it for spin on cable. The occasion for giving the guys a try was the Monaco Grand Prix. The "guys" are Mike Spinelli, Matt Farah, and Chris Harris.


There's a new car channel coming to YouTube that'll finally provide auto enthusiasts with the one-stop shop for the best motoring videos that they've always wanted. More »
I've just picked Golden Corral as the 2012 Mike Spinelli Restaurant of the Year. Oh, I don't give a damn about quality, technology, product-use experience or any other childish bullshit like that. I care about profits, dude, big friggin' profits. More »
The BMW 1M has softened the hardened arteries of auto reviewers around the world, from Jeremy Clarkson to our own Mike Spinelli. One California BMW dealer hopes to capitalize on high praise and low supply with an insane $40,000 markup. More »
When I showed these photos of a Chinese Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 clone to Mike Spinelli here at Jalopnik, his first response was "Oh, a new color!" He had no idea it was fake. And he's driven one. That's because this Fauxborghini is just that good. More »
I'll be on Fox Car Report today at 3:00p EST, talking picks and pans for 2010. Submit your own P&Ps here in the comments [Fox Strategy Room] More »

It’s my great pleasure to welcome back to the team the man who started this great site we all call home. Please give a hearty hand to Jalopnik’s new Senior Editor, Mike Spinelli. — Ed. More »

If you haven't been reading the comment threads in #oppositelock, you may have missed today's demise of 0-60. The magazine, helmed by Jalopnik founding editor Mike Spinelli, will be sorely missed. More »
Last week, a Bugatti Supersports 16.4 went 267.81 mph, officially making it the fastest production car on the planet. Mike Spinelli, former Jalopnik lead-man and current editor of 0-60, spoke with the brass-balled test driver that did it. —Ed. More »
People often forget Chrysler attempted to maintain the popularity of fourbangers in their Caravan minivans by adding a turbocharged 2.5-liter mill to create the Turbo Caravan. While the 150 HP isn't particularly impressive, it was quite a bit of power and almost appealing when coupled with the rare five-speed manual transmission. With some tweaks they've been boosted to run 12-second quarter-miles. Long live Iacocca! But no, this COTD isn't from the new A-Team Van but rather our post about bacon Mini ads and former Jalopnik EIC and current 0-60 boss Mike Spinelli's assertion bacon creates the same biochemical response as cocaine. More »